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I recently finished ITHACA DIARIES and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anita has   done an amazing job. The book is at times funny, thoughtful, scary, but always a good read. I am telling my Cornell friends about it. Well done, Anita!
–Jeanne Bracken,  author and librarian

…but what about the movie??
—Mark,   Mathematics Professor

Feb. 17
I am not done with your book but i can’t put it down. Talk about self portraits. Wow’!
Gene Suchma, Artist

Feb. 22
Finished it and love it. my experiences during those same times were wildly different. My housemates included Floyd an african-american, a future Green Beret and couple other guys. Our most difficult problem was roaches. Didn’t know E.z taught at haac.m y wife Peg is proud of the fact that I couldn’t put the book down and completed it so quickly.
—-Gene Suchma, artist

Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  I had SUCH a different experience than you had, so it was great to relive it all from your perspective.
Diane B, Cornell 1974


Feb. 2
I found it to be beautifully written and intense.   Not good bedtime reading though.    So it is moving downstairs to our living room.
      Reading the book, I felt like I was in “Back to the Future.”   First, I was getting to know a 17 year old Anita.   Second, it was a flashback to a time when I was become very aware of the outside world and conflicts of the time.    I was a high school freshman in a nice Chicago suburb when you enrolled at Cornell.
   I do have memories of Cornell  and the turmoil at that time because my older cousin was there.   I think she was a year  behind you.
     I know people who wax nostalgically about the sixties.  Not me.   I think of it as a time of conflict, generational conflict in my family as well, that made growing up more painful.  So your book resonates.
–Gordon L.,   Transportation expert and school board member, California
Feb. 3
Ithaca Diaries is a well written coming of age story that takes place on a college campus during the Vietnam era.  It reads as a tumultuous time for seeking  self definition, for forming relationships and for trusting that the world was safe and moral.  I enjoyed reading the book and revisiting  those times when civil rights and patriotism were fought for and challenged.  It was a humorous read, an informative read, full of sentiment, artfully written. I highly recommend it.
–KM,  clinical psychologist
I very much enjoyed your book. It bought a lot of things right back, mostly the black militant disruptions.
–Ellen, Cornell, 1965


Thank you for keeping the diary.
Cornell grad, 1962

Coming of Age in the 1960s