Cornell Club of Boston Ithaca Diaries Event and Reading 
March 2015

Kickstarter video — mostly me talking about Ithaca Diaries; includes cool photos of the 60s.   (Credit: Pascal Gangi, October, 2014 , 3:30 minutes)

Millennials  “like” Ithaca Diaries (each 10-30 secs)
-Erin Euler
EM, Cornell University, 2012
Grant Randall, Musician
Alex Tomasi  Boston University, 2014
Ben Whiting, Musician

Don Horwitz …”I felt as if she left her diary open…”  2 minutes or so.

Charlie Terrill –10 seconds

Tom and Hartley Waggener Comedy Duo 15 seconds or so

Coming of Age in the 1960s