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“Ivy-Covered in the 1960s at Cornell”
Ithaca Times Editor Bill Chaisson reviews “Ithaca Diaries

Ithaca Diaries gives look at Cornell in tumultuous ’60s.
Historian Carol Kammen reviews Ithaca Diaries in  Ithaca Journal.

Ithaca Diaries Looks Back on College in the 1960s:
Anita M. Harris featured on  NPR’s  Here and Now,  June 11, 2015.

 Lincoln’s Write Stuff Celebrates 10 Years
incoln  (MA) Journal,  June 5, 2015

Anita Harris tells a remarkable story that is both unique and universal.”–Jeanne Bracken, Lincoln  Review, May 2015).

Journalist Releases Memoirs Detailing College Life During Tumultuous Decade,  Plainsman, 5-04-15

“Alumna’s Ithaca Diaries recounts transformative times”–Cornell Ezra Update Magazine December 24, 2014.

Interview on Sound Cloud:
In this podcast, Leo Von Wendorff interviews Anita Harris about her book, Ithaca Diaries. Both share their experiences of the 1960s –Anita from the point of view of an American in college at the time; Leo as a student growing up in Germany. The interview took place at Venture Cafe in lkate 2014, just before Ithaca Diaries was published.

Coming of Age in the 1960s