Coming of Age in the 1960s
By Anita M. Harris

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“An interesting view of the greater world [1966-1970. The] diaries are about … classes, about growing up, about the events of the times. I find her entries honest, funny, naïve and wise, and very much of the era… an account of her coming awake politically, socially and sexually.” –Carol Kammen, Historian. 

Anita Harris tells a remarkable story that is both unique and universal.”–Jeanne Bracken,  Lincoln  Review).

“Ithaca Diaries” is a must read for people of all ethnicities. It shows just how far the country has come, but also shows the progress it still needs to make.”— Brittany Brown. Plainsman

“A remarkable achievement.” James McConkey, professor emeritus, Cornell University.

“Earnest…honest and funny.  historically important in addition to being an engaging coming of age story.” Carol Kammen, historian. 

“I finished your book this morning…couldn’t put it down…
A real tour de force…BRAVO!!!  Brings back oh so many memories.”
Yvette Tenney, Cornell Class of 1967.

“I loved it.” Alexandra Tomasi, Boston University 2014  (with link to videos). 

“A very fine and humorous account of Cornell University in the late nineteen-sixties, when the militant radicals, led by the Students for a Democratic Society, were fighting a two-front campaign: subverting the Kennedy-Johnson war in Southeast Asia and supporting black demands for an autonomous College of Afro-American Studies. These were the days when the inmates were most assuredly running the asylum.” BIll Fogel, Cornell ’70.  Read more

Coming of Age in the 1960s

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