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Photos, thanks from Anita Harris, Cornell Club Ithaca Diaries Event, Boston, at last!

IMG_5124Apologies for taking so long to post photos–but want to thank everyone who came to the Cornell Club of Boston Ithaca Diaries event in April–my first talk on the published (yay!) book. Was very gratified by your warm response….and totally grateful  everyone who helped make the event what even I have to admit was a great success:
especially:  Pam Decatur and the Cambridge Innovation Center; Raffi Hirsch; Paul Hayre, Scott Sanders,  Mark Hoffman, R Mc (who doesn’t want his name out on the Internet) Marc Kessler, , and Elsie, of Star Market. Hoping to have  the video edited soon; please contact me if you’d like to know when it’s available. Anita

Please click here to view  more photos–all shot by Mark Hoffman. (Thanks again, Mark).

Anita Harris
–AKA Anita M. Harris, as there are  an actual rock star and other authors with my name!